Chad Stewart

Cheif of Police, Ext 21

Eric Stewart

Assistant Chief, Ext 22

David Zegarski

Sergeant, Ext 23

Matthew McCormack

Corporal, Ext 27

Harry Prey

Patrolman, Ext 24

William Nealis

Patrolman, Ext 29

Joseph Ostrom

Patrolman, Ext 28

Wesley Vigh

Patrolman, Ext 59

Daniel Parks

Patrolman, Ext 26

Gerald Pflanz

Patrolman, Ext 59

Chelsea Adams

Patrolman, Ext 25

Paul Martine

Patrolman, Ext 30

Nicholas Shannon

Patrolman, Ext 59

Christopher Linehan

Patrolman, Ext 27

Our Mission

"The mission of The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is to work in partnership with the residents and businesses of the community to provide a safe and secure environment through impartial police services by preserving the peace, reducing fear and enhancing the quality of life."


The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is dedicated towards continuously improving our services and equipment to better serve the community. We will continue to seek out new and innovative ways to improve our department. All persons requesting police services will be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion in their time of need.