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Port Jervis DWI - PSA

Port Jervis School District & Delaware Valley School District Combined PSA coordinated through Orange County STOP-DWI and Department of Emergency Services--and Port Jervis, Eastern Pike Regional, and Town of Deerpark Police Departments

Texting and Driving Prevention

Nearly 500,000 young adults each year are injured due to various forms of distracted driving, including texting, mobile instant messaging, updating social media platforms, sending photos, etc. It's a habit deadlier than drunk driving.

We live in a constantly connected world where multitasking is second nature and communicating is instant. Coupled with this compulsion, teens and young adults are overly confident in their ability to 'safely' text while driving. - stoptextsstopwrecks.org

They'll See You Before You See Them

Each year nearly 10,000 people die on the road due to drunk driving. In order to stop this deadly epidemic, law enforcement in every State and most U.S. towns and cities will be cracking down on drunk driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is leading the effort to stop drunk driving. You can help spread the word and save lives. And the word is Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. - www.nhtsa.gov

Child Passenger Safety - A Click Away

NHTSA child restraint guidelines are continually revised in order to keep pace with the latest scientific and medical research and the development of new car seat technologies.

Find a car seat that fits your child. As children grow, how they sit in your car will change. Make sure the car seat you purchase is designed to fit your child’s current size and age - www.safercar.gov/The Right Seat

Teenagers: 5 Rules to Drive

After spending years protecting your children from all sorts of dangers on the road and off, you now face the prospect of handing them the keys to the family car. It’s time for them to learn how to drive. Are you prepared?

Check out in-depth information on some of the most common safety problems novice drivers should avoid. Arm yourself with information on alcohol use and its consequences, the benefits of seat belt usage, and the growing problem of distracted driving. - www.safercar.gov

Bicycle Safety

There are so many great reasons to ride your bike: It offers fun, freedom and exercise, and it's good for the environment. We encourage kids and families to ride their bikes as much as possible.

More children ages 5 to 14 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries related to biking than any other sport. Helmets can reduce the risk of severe brain injuries by 88 percent – yet only 45 percent of children 14 and under usually wear a bike helmet. - www.safekids.org/safetytips