Moving DUI Victims MemorialOn Wednesday, December 18, 2013 from 1:00p.m. until 3:30p.m. the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department will be hosting the “Moving DUI Victims Memorial” at the Delaware Valley School Complex located at 252 Routes 6&209, Milford, Pa.

The Memorial lists the names of persons killed in Pennsylvania by impaired drivers.

The Moving Memorial is housed in a 30-foot trailer, interior of which is hand painted with a beautiful garden scene. The interior features a 25-foot wall printed with over 1,000 names of DUI Victims that have been honored in the Memorial Garden, and is the focal point of the memorial. The interior replicates an outdoor setting in tribute to the original, but stationary, DUI Victims Memorial Garden. This mobile memorial allows those who may not be able to travel to Harrisburg to still view the Memorial Garden.


A press conference is scheduled at 2:00p.m. in front of the Moving wall.

  • 11/16/2013 Eric Albrecht, 35, of Milford was charges with Public Drunkenness for an incident occurring in Westfall Township.
  • 11/18/2013 Vickie Arrington, 48, of Port Jervis was charged with Theft by Unlawful Taking for an incident occurring at Wal-Mart.
  • 11/20/2013 Larry Wright, 34, of Matamoras was charged with Arrest Prior to Requisition for an incident occurring in New Jersey.
  • 11/20/2013 A 17 year old male from Milford was charged with Possession of marijuana and Possession of drug paraphernalia for an incident occurring at the Delaware Valley High School.
  • 11/25/2013 Roderick St. John, 61, of Milford was charged with Retail Theft for an incident occurring at Wal-Mart.
  • 12/02/2013 Elizabeth Seaman, 27, of Port Jervis was charged with Possession of a controlled substance, Possession of drug paraphernalia, and Possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance for an incident occurring in Matamoras Borough.
  • 12/05/2013 Adel Afify, 33, of Port Jervis was charged with Receiving Stolen Property for an incident occurring in Matamoras Borough.

Overnight Parking Regulations are in effect for Westfall Township and Matamoras Borough which prohibits parking of vehicles on all roads at any time between the hours of 12:00am to 7:00am during the period from November 1st to April 1st.

The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department would like to remind all residents to keep their vehicles and homes locked.  Please report all suspicious activity immediately.

From all of us at Eastern Pike Regional Police, Happy Holidays and a healthy New Year. 

Neighborhood updates are available at www.eprpd.org.  Follow Us on Facebook.

PrintDrive Sober or Get Pulled Over 

This holiday season, Eastern Pike Regional police will be out in force cracking down on drunk drivers throughout the region with aggressive Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over enforcement.  From Dec. 13, 2013, to Jan. 1, 2014, state and local law enforcement will be watching for drunk drivers to help keep roads safe for holiday travelers. 

The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is giving fair warning to all partygoers.  “You’ll see us making lots of stops during this highly visible enforcement period and if we suspect anyone is driving while intoxicated, officers will show zero tolerance for drunk driving,” said Chief Chad Stewart.

Unfortunately, the excitement and celebrations of the holiday season can lead to terrible decisions-- and serious legal consequences.

Data shows that the holiday season is a particularly deadly time due to the increased number of drunk drivers on the roads, and Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is prepared to stop and arrest any drunk driver they see to keep roads safe.

Nationally, in the Decembers from 2007 to 2011 there were  4,169 people killed in crashes that involved drivers with blood Alcohol concentrations of .08 grams per deciliter or higher.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32,367 people were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes across the nation in 2011, and 31 percent (9,878) of those fatalities occurred in drunk-driving-related crashes.

“The December holiday season is the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ and we are going to keep our roads safe for travelers heading to visit friends and family,” said Chief Chad Stewart “This holiday, we will show zero tolerance for drunk drivers on the road. If you choose to drive drunk, we will see you, we will stop you, and you will be arrested.”

Drunk drivers often face jail time, the loss of their driver licenses, higher insurance rates, and dozens of other unanticipated expenses ranging from attorney fees, court costs, car towing and repairs, to lost wages due to time off from work. Even worse, a drunk driver can cause a traffic crash that claims someone’s life, or their own.

Please follow these tips to keep the holidays safe and happy:

Even one drink can impair your judgment and increase the risk of getting arrested for driving      drunk—or worse, the risk of having a crash while driving.

  • If you will be drinking, do not plan on driving.  Plan ahead; designate a sober driver before the party begins.
  • If you have been drinking, do not drive. Call a taxi, phone a sober friend or family member,    use public transportation.
  • Be responsible. If someone you know is drinking, do not let that person get behind the wheel.
  • If you see an impaired driver on the road, contact law enforcement. Your actions may save     someone’s life, and inaction could cost a life.

Remember, it is never safe to drink and drive: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.

For more information, visit www.trafficsafetymarketing.gov.

The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is launching their new website on December 9, 2013.  The new design will allow information, including crime reports and community alerts, to be posted faster and read more easily.

The new eprpd.org features a reactive design, which refits content on the website to match the screen size of each user, making it easier to navigate for both desktop and mobile users, said Chief Chad Stewart.

Along with a fresh new look the site contains a substantial amount of content. It showcases the work of our Police Officers, and Civilian Staff and highlights key news and events from around Westfall Township and Matamoras Borough.

“Like with anything else, the look of the website becomes kind of dated over time if it isn’t improved. So we thought it was time for a bit of a facelift, said Stewart.

The new site allows for better incorporation with the departments social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.  The new site includes a blog and news release page allowing for more direct contact with the community.

The department plans to provide an area where people can request and pay for accident reports using google checkout.  This will allow for easier and timelier access to those records, said Chief Stewart.

Chief Stewart encouraged web users to “like: the department on Facebook and to follow our Twitter account.  We also welcome the public to provide ideas on how to improve the website over time to allow for better communication.

Pike County – The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department has met their goal in reducing response time to urgent 911 calls and saving taxpayer money.

With the economic downturn and increased crime, Eastern Pike Regional Police Chief Chad Stewart believes that regional policing was the best choice for Matamoras and Westfall, which joined forces in 2008.

“As crime increased, many forces have slowed their response times,” said Stewart. “By merging, we’ve ensured that we have a sufficient amount of units to cover multiple emergency calls.”

Stewart said that having one police department cover two neighboring communities allows each municipality to enjoy the benefits of a larger department, such as full-time officers. Full-time officers have more time for investigation, which lead to more arrests such as the successful capture in the recent Matamoras Turkey Hill and Wells Fargo Bank robberies.

“We were able to provide this level of coverage because of our department’s consolidation,” said Stewart.  “I recently assigned an officer to work with agents from the FBI to assist with local crimes. With that partnership we were able to make arrests that were connected to several local armed robberies.”

The Department measures part of their success on the reduction of crime. Rather than rely on State Police, whose response time depends on the amount of officers on duty and their location in Pike County.

“Officers are assigned to zones,” said Stewart. “So when a call comes in, we are able to quickly locate, assess and remedy the situation.”

By becoming a regional force, officers were able to teach each other. Stewart says that officers are now better trained and have been divided into units that fit their specialties, such as burglaries and drug related crime. Weekly arrests have increased in the areas of theft and drug possession.   The Eastern Pike Region Police Department posts weekly arrests on their Facebook page and is getting ready to launch a new website.

“We solve crimes faster and save money,” said Stewart.

Eastern Pike Regional Police Department has been consistently working toward reducing taxpayer expenses. Since its conception, the department has been able to reduce their budget in a number of areas. Their 2014 proposed vehicle expense budget has decreased by over a thousand dollars compared to vehicle expenditures from 2013. The Eastern Pike Region is made of up 53.82 road miles, six times greater than Milford’s road miles. Although the Eastern Pike Region is larger, its cost per road mile is a third of Milford’s, thereby saving taxpayer dollars.

Stewart also said the coordination of their services has improved.

When the Department first merged in 2008, Westfall saved $95,000 and Matamoras saved $44,000 in comparison to their previous separate police budgets. The merge of the two departments has allowed the force to combine resources, thereby reducing taxes.

Regional police departments provide the opportunity to reduce the cost of police services to taxpayers, put more police officers on patrol, and streamline police services. To residents, regional police departments look and operate much like any other police department; the difference is that regional police departments are more effective and cost efficient.

“We’re making great strides to perfect our budget,” said Stewart.

The expected sources of revenue will balance the proposed 2014 budget, leaving no debt.

For more information on the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department, visit http://www.eprpd.org/ or find them on Facebook.

The mission of The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is to work in partnership with the residents and businesses of the community to provide a safe and secure environment through impartial police services by preserving the peace, reducing fear and enhancing the quality of life.




The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department is hosting it’s fourth annual pet food drive to support the Pike County Humane Society.

Beginning November 15, 2013 through the end of December citizens may drop off nonperishable pet food items to the police department, located at 10 Avenue I in Matamoras.

The Holiday Pet Food Drive is the way to help the non-profit Pike County Humane Society keep up with increasing costs.

Continue the spirit of holiday giving this year by donating any kind of pet food to the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department Holiday Pet Food Drive. The greatest need is for dry food, but all kinds and types of pet food are appreciated.

Monetary Donations may be made by visiting: www.pikecountypahumanesociety.com